Patrick Albrecht


Patrick is a Senior Partner based in Switzerland.

A pan-European expert with a formidable global network, Patrick advises and consults on senior talent strategies for international sport federations, agencies, media, and sporting goods and fashion brands.


Patrick utilises his industry and regional expertise gained over 20 years as an executive search professional, providing his clients talent solutions that solve business problems. With SRI since 2012, Patrick has held executive search roles in European and Australian marketplaces after gaining both an undergraduate and master’s degree in human resource management.


A senior professional who is thoughtful, collaborative and boasts a broad outlook, Patrick is a leading executive search operator who is innately in tune with his market. Patrick was also a former elite level professional athlete and has a deep understanding of sport.

“SRI have been trusted advisors to me and EPCR throughout my tenure as CEO. Patrick and his team invested time building an understanding of our organization, vision, opportunities and challenges which allowed SRI to support us in different recruitment projects.”

Vincent Gaillard

CEO, European Professional Club Rugby