SRI Executive is now Elevate Talent

As Elevate Talent, we are growing our footprint, reach, access, knowledge, and ability to service clients while still retaining the partner-led, premium boutique experience that is SRI’s signature.

Why Elevate Talent?

Confidently embrace the future with a partner who helps you navigate any talent challenge.

Elevate Talent exists to unlock exceptional people, teams, and organizational
performance for companies who are big on ambition and small on the status quo.

Cross-sector convergence

We have deep expertise across industries that are becoming increasingly intertwined as the pace of convergence accelerates. This gives our clients access to diverse talent communities to deliver leaders who can flex, innovate, and change the game.

Global collaboration

Cross-sector convergence

Assessment-focused process

Holistic, partner-led approach

Championing diversity

You’re in the business of making lives better.


We’re in the business of finding the very best people to help you do it. 

As an Entertainment and Lifestyle search firm, we specialize in finding talent for brands that provide amusement, information, and experience, as well as the technologies that underpin how we live our lives today.


For sports, media, technology and brands, we find leaders who understand the unique opportunities and challenges of your business and have the expertise, vision, and charisma to elevate it.




Whether you need leadership, planning, solutions or support, our collaborative approach to delivery will help you recruit and harness the talent to drive business success at every point through your growth journey.


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We’re committed to doing more, being better, and thinking bigger. By being bold in our ambition, we adopt a rigorous mindset that challenges us to uphold higher standards of quality that result in not just best practices – but better practices.


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We mine, synthesize, and communicate the vital information to combine deep insight and expertise, allowing you to take the actions that drive success across hiring, solutions, and business outcomes.


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We believe diversity drives innovation, and it is a key ingredient for Elevate Talent’s pursuit to change the face of talent. We embrace inclusion, celebrate difference, and prioritize building teams with rich and varied backgrounds, skills, and views.