Carola Frisch


Based in London, Carola is a Senior Partner, and leads our Global Consumer practice.

Carola Frisch has worked with some of the most iconic consumer lifestyle brands for over two decades, during times of high growth and transformation. She has delivered 400+ senior leadership placements in Europe and North America for organisations including Nike, Starbucks, Nokia, The North Face, and Vans.


The growing complexity and pace in business that is largely driven by societal change as well as digital and business transformation led her to champion the changing leadership standards. Establishing that consumer and lifestyle brands need modern leadership capabilities across digital, omni-channel distribution, consumer centricity, and design/innovation thinking, as well as a higher standard in human values-based leadership, Carola has created a framework for defining and assessing the leadership skills, mindset, and behaviours that consumer lifestyle brands need to thrive and to create value.