Abigail White

Profile picture of Abigail Wesley. Abigail has blonde, short hair and is wearing a red blazer.


Based in Providence, Abigail is an Executive Assistant.

Abigail Wesley is an Executive Assistant based in the US. She provides professional, personable, and high-level administrative support to our North American CEO, candidates, and clients. From scheduling candidate and client interviews, coordinating travel, and managing office administrations to proposal creation and marketing support, she’s the backbone that ensures our organization runs smoothly and efficiently.


She graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Psychology and has 10+ years’ prior experience as a program manager and sales specialist for a global meetings and events agency. When not in the office, Abigail enjoys reading books with her two young sons.

“I’m sending a special thanks to Abigail, who managed the interviews superbly. She was highly organized and efficient and that made it all so smooth and effortless. She is a gem!”

Vice President of Marketing