Posted on: 4/5/2023

Connecting Globally to Better Serve Locally

My Journey Since Joining SRI


A client recently asked me about my transition from owning my own firm to joining the team here at SRI, and now, after 18 months, what the future looks like. This question made me reflect on what an exciting journey it has been thus far and, in-turn, what the challenges ahead may look like. I realised I hadn’t had a moment to take stock and reflect professionally since joining SRI, so here goes.

I have been incredibly fortunate to spend time with some of the most talented and inspiring people in the Media & Entertainment sector across Australia, which has allowed me the privilege to be in a position to work in partnership with our clients on arguably the most important and integral aspect their business – their people.

Since closing the doors on Calibre3 and merging with SRI, I have been connected globally on a daily basis with a team of consummate professionals who share the same energy and passion for the search space,and industries for which we operate in, that I do. This has enabled our local team to serve our clients with more rigour and deeper knowledge and to bring more value to them via cross-sector insights and an overall more holistic approach.

I travelled to London towards the end of last year to attend our Future Leaders Conference, a career acceleration program SRI offers to help our people grow in their roles and in our organization. This experience further strengthened my ability to view the Media & Entertainment practice in Australia with a global lens and understand the power and value of this global collaboration both for us as a firm, and also for our clients back here in Australia. The conference also allowed us to connect as a global team on what the future of each practice and region looks like and to recognize the opportunity to leverage the intel of our broader team to further extend and build for the future.

As we look to the future, we continue to invest and expand the M&E practice here in Australia by welcoming Elliot Bowman as a Senior Associate earlier this year. We continue to keep pace and grow our team and our offering alongside the growth of the industry that we are so deeply a part of. Elliot recently shared his thoughts on the pulse of the live entertainment industry and how our hunger for live events appear to be as strong as ever.

We continue to operate in a fascinating time as the pace of convergence speeds up and the fight for consumer attention and wallets continues to be the holy grail for our clients. How do you future proof? How do you drive innovation? How do you cut through the noise and build market share? These are just a few of the challenges our clients are facing. And often, the answer leads to executive leadership, the right people in the right spot challenging the status quo, taking calculated risks, and not fearing failure.

I for one am excited about these challenges and about working closely with our clients to help them break through.


Patrick Gallagher

Partner, Head of Media & Entertainment, ANZ