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  • Our client aspired to build a more diverse, high performing team 
  • Struggled to attract candidates 
  • Hiring process was slow, and they often reverted to referrals 
  • The company celebrated DEI and wanted to attract more diverse candidates. 


  • Utilising robust methodology, SRI collated information from 36 individuals, (from President to Talent team) through interviews and workshops 
  • Evaluating the four stages of Initiation, Attraction, Assessment and Appointment 
  • A thorough document, systems and resources review was undertaken 
  • Analysing the information against best practice and proven people & process enablers 
  • SRI crafted a programme to ensure ‘buy-in’ and commitment to improvement across the organisation 


  • SRI delivered an in-depth audit report with contemporary action plans for different layers of the organisation. This was shared via workshop presentations and a detailed road map collectively designed with the People & Culture team for the adoption of best practice. 
  • Ownership was defined and initiation meetings introduced to clarify roles and reduce time to appointment by up to 25% 
  • Sourcing strategy was overhauled and partnerships cemented with multiple URG networks and platforms 
  • Resources and guidelines were condensed to ensure enhanced useability and relevance 
  • New assessment frameworks were adopted to prioritise difference 
  • Job Descriptions templates were developed utilising accessible and gender neutral language and a consistent DEI commitment statement 
  • The Leadership team undertook inclusive leadership training 



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