Case Study

TOCA Social

Ambitious growth stage client benefits from SRI’s strength in the U.S. and U.K.

Craig Winning,


Executive Search





North America


  • TOCA Social, headquartered in London, is the world’s first interactive soccer and dining experience, combining immersive gaming and world-class food and drink. After opening their massively successful first location at the O2 in London, TOCA is planning on opening locations across the U.S. 
  • The first Head of TOCA Social US left the company prematurely. SRI had previously installed the first GM at the O2 and, understanding the unique company culture and having offices in the U.S., was retained to conduct a national search to install their top executive in the U.S. to help them realize their lofty goals. 
  • TOCA Social was still fleshing out the job description, so leaned on SRI’s advice to formulate the right brief.  


  • TOCA would only consider candidates who were willing to relocate to an undetermined market at a later date. With no locations yet in the U.S., the ideal candidate profile established was for a data-driven leader who was an entrepreneurial team-player, experienced building a multi-revenue establishment from scratch, who could also develop the appropriate product for a new market. 
  • We were essentially looking for two candidates in one person – a hospitality/F&B COO type capable of building a team while managing various stakeholders, combined with a project manager adept at pre-opening site selection and standing up a retail location.  
  • As a London-based entity, they needed SRI’s salary and market intelligence to coalesce a competitive offer.  


  • As a Scotsman who had emigrated to America with his wife, Craig Winning understands how to work cross-culturally. He had traveled the country overseeing national operations for Punch Bowl Social during their meteoric U.S. rise, as the point person opening multiple locations. We found him working as the operating partner for a new elevated F&B concept in Pittsburgh. 


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