Case Study

Rangers FC

One Club – Culture Review 



HR Principles

Leadership Assessment

Staff Engagement






  • Rangers needed to re-focus on People and Culture 
  • Sought to understand the current situation:   
  • Perceived priority on people 
  • How embedded values were 
  • The gap between Rangers and ‘best practice’  
  • What areas could be tackled first to ensure maximum impact and a positive contribution to overall strategy 
  • Club leadership acknowledged that people were at the heart of their success and crucial to their growth strategy  


  • Discovery sessions and interviews with the leadership team combined with relevant document and process reviews
  • A staff engagement survey was initiated, and all information analysed against the context of key strategic priorities for the club 
  • Leadership team dynamics were analysed, and a series of team effectiveness workshops delivered. 


  • Detailed road map highlighting priority actions 
  • Enhanced leadership team dynamics 
  • Initiation of leadership development programme and a cascaded Future Leaders initiative 
  • Increased staff engagement and the instigation of all of club communications schedules, meetings and social / engagement activity 
  • Recommendations for upgrade in HR platform to solve internal communication challenges and enhance HR operational efficiency, freeing up resource to focus on learning and development
  • Re-prioritization and enhanced communication activity around charity & community initiatives, further enhancing staff engagement 




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